Monday, August 30, 2010

Swing Update 8.26.10

Here's some of my latest swings from this week.

7-iron thru LW I'm hitting very well. I'm pretty good with the driver and hitting the 3-wood extremely well. The 3-iron thru 6-iron is probably my biggest struggles right now and I'm more inconsistent with them and have some issues with hitting them a bit too low.

I'll be playing Orange County National on Friday. Yes, THAT Orange County National (www.ocngolf) where they are holding the Q-School finals this year.

I'll be playing the Q-School tees. The goal for me down the road is to get into the 60's and under par from the Q-School tees on a consistent basis because that's the level of play needed to get to match play of the US Am (IMO).

I'm thinking right now, probably looking at a mid 70's score at OCN, but we'll find out tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Here's a drill bro. to help your pivot.Take your stance with a club
and remove the left hand and place
it on the cusp of the right arm and hold it agaisnt your side.Make
short pitch/chip shots one handed
you'll realise how much more one has to clear that left side to cp.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richie,

Technical question on ball-flight. I am hitting big push-hooks, with tremendous hook. (Like 50 yards.) I notice that they tend to come out low. Is this possible? How can I be getting a low push hook?

Rich H. said...

Hooks have less spin than say a straight ball or even a draw. Less spin, lower trajectory.


Anonymous said...

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