Monday, August 23, 2010

The 9-to-12, 160 yard 9-iron

I've been asked about the 'shorter swing = more distance' topic that has been recently discussed. As I've discussed in a few of the previous posts, one thing I'm working on is shortening the backswing and I've found that I'm actually gaining distance with a shorter swing.


Well, one of the issues is that the longer swing throws off my alignments more. Take a look at this pic:

Here's a Face On view to show the differences in backswing length.

For me, the longer swing gets me laid off at the top and then it throws the downswing off and I don't get as much angular momentum into the ball.

Here's a video shot by blog follower gmbtempe of U. of Arizona Golfer, David McDaniel.

David hit this 9-iron, 160 yards, with that swing that only went back to about '9 o'clock'. Why? Because his impact conditions are superb.

Now, I hear a lot of people saying that they need to shorten their swing to hit the ball more accurately and more consistently. I don't agree with the notion that a shorter swing will guarantee more accuracy. Here's a video of Sam Snead, one of the all-time great ballstrikers, in his prime.

And if you want to hit it super long, you won't see any Re-MAX long distance driving competitors with a '9 o'clock' backswing.

But, there's more to playing 'real golf' than hitting it long. And one can hit it long and more accurately and more consistently, with a shorter backswing. That's certainly a possibility, you just need to find out what works best for you.



Erik J. Barzeski said...

We've found that when swings get long, people will obviously over-flex the right elbow, and when that happens on the backswing the first thing they'll do on the downswing is to throw out that angle rather than retain it or increase it.

Unknown said...

I agree. I personally find that when I get to long with my backswing (a) it throws of my timing and (b) my weight beging to shift back onto my front side and I end up with a reverse pivot. I also cannot get the club behind me on the downswing, so my first move tends to be over the top.

putmedownforasix said...

David's 9 iron goes 160 yards -- with that tempo? WOW. a great lesson in leverage. no divot=ideal contact?