Monday, July 12, 2010

Swing Update 7.9.10

Here's some new swings with my new Casio EX-FH20 camera.

I've been struggling a tad this past week and today I started to go back to my way too flat and lazy backswing. That was frustrating. But over a month ago I decided that I need to tape myself almost every day because I tend to fall into old, bad habits and this way I can stay on top of them and correct them right away. So while it was frustrating, this was the plan in place to eliminate that issue with my game and I eventually did.

Still, the backswing needs a lot of work. The lower body action in the backswing is getting quite bad and I'm still laid off (although I've avoided working on that). It's a lot easier to see now with the Casio EX-FH20.

As far as the camera goes, I can see why it gets such great reviews.


I'm not a camera expert by any means and have never even owned a digital camera. My fear is that the camera would be confusing to set up, but it's actually extremely easy to set up with their simple Quick Start Guide. Another thing about the camera is you can set it quite close to the ball and it will be in focus. With my Samsung camcorder, I'd have to fiddle around with the perfect distance from the ball and then zoom in just right. That isn't an issue with the Casio.



siteseer2 said...

Rich: Two places to focus, imo...
First, You spin the shaft--ie, you roll the shaft from p2 to p4 (MORAD) which fans the face open/laid off a bit...and adds a tad of right wrist cock... needs cleaning up... NEVER spin the shaft--right wrist bends, never cocks or spins open...
Second, you have a BIG torso tilt to the right--spine shift over the right leg, which gets you too flat as well...need to really focus foveal view over the ball, and stay more centered with the head and pivot, which will get the shoulders to turn more steeply, and centered...
Overall, pretty nice action, with some work, you can REALLY play...

JCF said...

Rich...You do a great job on your blog...Thanks for sharing all your stuff....Your swing looks great....I know its always a work in progress...To me it looks like your breaking down a little early and should try and get your hands a little farther forward into your release....Doyle use to call it courage...Then you should start feeling that lag. You might even try waggling the club once or twice to get the tension out. Good Luck with your game and thanks for sharing your work.

Anonymous said...


Are there similarities between what you have learning in ABS and Stack and Tilt concepts? You swing is looking good. I wouldn't worry about the back swing, i think your key needs to be the forward swing. Any laziness will always show up on the pivot. "YOU can DO IT!!!!!!"


Rich H. said...

Thanks guys.

SiteSeer- Those things I'm pretty much working on. When this week's swing update is posted, you'll see the difference.

Berkley - yes, there are a lot of similar principles with the S&T and ABS swing theories. But they are mostly in the downswing. Their approach is a bit different, but the flatter downswing plane, footwork, and swinging left are very similar.

DanL. said...


Your swing looks too flat only if you think Trevino was too flat or the recent Women's US Open Champ, Paula Creamer is too flat. I recall reading somewhere that Hogan said you could never be too flat. Your BS position looks powerful and is led by your turning torso/core. I tend to lift the club, so I am working to get the club exactly where you have it. Your turning torso is going to deliver the club consistently and powerfully when the swing is body dominant like your swing appears.

Also, thanks for the continued great blogging!