Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swing Update 7.15.10

Here's my latest swing update.

As you can see, there are some changes that I made.

I improved my posture a tad. This allows me to not turn the shoulders too flat on the backswing and makes it so my rear knee doesn't lock up so much on the backswing.

I also stop over rolling the wrists. In TGM terms, I stopped over loading the #3 Power Accumulator and that prevented me from getting so laid off.

I flushed the DTL shot. The Face On shot was actually a poor swing.



Paul said...

I see a lot of ABS elements in there. Looks good! One thing I miss is the frozen right arm. Is that something you are working on as well?

Anonymous said...

decent set-up, good back swing, explosive impact, classic follow-through... can't ask for much more than a straight shot.

Anonymous said...

nice action.

R U using a portable camcorder -- if so, which 1? do you like it?

really enjoy your site!

Rich H. said...

Thanks guys. I'm not working on the 'frozen right arm' just yet. For now I'm working on the backswing (non-ABS stuff) and rotating the torso thru impact and extending into PV5.

I use a Casio EX-FH20 camera. IT IS AWESOME!