Friday, July 23, 2010

Swing Update 7.22.10

Here's my latest swing update.

Sorry for the Face On swing. The sun was going right into the camera from that view and I really couldn't get a good view of it.

Here's what my swing looked like on Monday.

But, this game is amazing as one day you can be swinging the club great and the next day can be a completely different story. Believe me, my swing that I had recorded looked nothing like that early on. I was laid off badly in the backswing and for the first time in a long time, I was coming over the top.

HOWEVER, thank god I have accepted the fact that I fall into bad habits quickly and by getting a camera, the TRUE '15th club in the bag', I can address swing issues immediately.



Anonymous said...

Rich, you obviously have a very good swing and talent to play the way you do for a long time.

One thing I notice is that the top of your spine (basically your neck) pulls away from the ball coming into impact.

Seems like your set up requires a change in your spine "shape" as you come through the ball.

Perhaps this is a little timing issue which causes the apparent inconsistancy from day to day.

DanL. said...


Love your blog, love seeing your swing updates, really love your emphasis on ball flight laws, but a few suggestions: 1) with your new camera, it is fun to play with, but the music doesn't add and really detracts from the concentration of studying your swing and 2) a little tighter edit would be nice, the slo mo swing included 12 secs of no motion that should be trimmed from the beginning ... I guess that was time to get the music going.

I really do enjoy reading your blog.