Friday, December 12, 2008

Traditional Golf Clubs

Came across a really nice club maker's (Mark Inoue) Web site the other day. It's called Traditional Sports Forged Golf Clubs. The Web site can be found at Here's the clubs that caught my eye:

I even like the looks of their wedges and driver, which has the old school traditional soleplate design.

Here's Mark Inoue's statement on his Web site:

Dear Friends,

Almost thirty years of working in the golf industry with leading pro-line manufacturers and as a distributor for a world-renowned golf equipment manufacturer, I realized there was a need for clubs designed for the serious golfer. Touring pros and low handicappers require and appreciate the soft feel of forged high-grade carbon steel that offers the sensitivity and control to “work the ball”...

The introduction of our line of forged irons resulted in creating many satisfied customers; these serious golfers requested that we include a driver with the same quality and performance as our irons. After designing and testing several versions of drivers with mixed results, we became aware of a new Titanium alloy “SP-700” whose properties were superior to all metals currently used for golf clubs. We created a new concept for a driver that has all the components of the head forged from this patented material.

We construct our golf clubs to the requirements of the customer; each iron or driver is individually ground and balanced according to the type and length of shaft and the loft, lie and face angles are customized and registered. This is a time-consuming and laborious process, but our customers can feel the difference and see the improved results in our clubs.

I hope you will consider our clubs, as I am confident that you will appreciate and enjoy the difference our products make.


Mark Inoue

Inoue does not list prices on his Web site, but I've read in other places that his irons go for about $1,200 for a set. So they're not cheap, but these are custom, hand made clubs so of course they are going to be more expensive than some mass produced set out of the factory.

Obviously, it's more important to find clubs that fit you first and find the clubs that produce the best and most consistent shots. But this is one of the many Web sites that shows you can find some great looking clubs without having to get them from big time club manufacturers.


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