Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mental Management For Great Golf by Dr. Bee Esptein

Back when I was playing some mini-tours about 10 years ago, I picked up the book 'Mental Management For Great Golf' by Dr. Bee Esptein-Shepherd. I was looking for a book that went into actual mental techniques when it came to the game of golf. IMO and I'll be frank about it, the Rotella books on mental management always seemed like a big joke to me and a waste of my time and money. Essentially they follow the same route of the following principles:

- Have confidence when you're playing golf.
- You can't be perfect in golf, so don't get upset.
- Remain confident in your abilities.

And I read this and say to myself "well, DUH." Perhaps I need to curb my visceral hatred for Rotella's books, but I can't but think he's just another huckster, carny that wastes people's time and money. His books may work for some people, but I think if anything they force the golfer to develop a fake confidence and I can't imagine that being very helpful.

That's what I like about Epstein's book, particularly compared to just about every other mental game book out there. She provides techniques, particularly self-hypnosis techniques, to help you stay calm, relax and even confident. She does ramble on a bit. I've used these techniques in different facets of life as well, even helping lower my blood pressure.

Unfortunately, I lost the book in a move, but I passed by it the other day at a bookstore. I'll probably buy it again so I can read it again and keep better note of her techniques. I highly recommend this book though and I believe you will be blown away by how different and better the book is.

You can purchase the book at http://drbee.com/products.html for $25.


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