Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brian Manzella's Never Hook Again 2.0

I just got done watching Brian Manzella's 'Never Hook Again 2.0' video. The purpose of the video is to develop a swing (Manzella calls it "a pattern") that will prevent the golfer from ever hooking the ball.

Like Manzella's 'Never Slice Again 2.0' video, NHA 2.0 perfectly describes what goes on with a hooked shot and then works on developing a certain type of swing that will make hooking the ball almost impossible.

I would say that NHA 2.0 is better for the lower handicap player than the NSA 2.0 video. And to me, the pattern used in NHA 2.0 is not nearly as 'extreme' as the pattern used in NSA 2.0. As far as tour pros go, they are much more likely to use the NHA 2.0 pattern than the NSA 2.0 pattern, although Bubba Watson does use some of the NSA 2.0 pattern.

Overall I liked the NHA 2.0 video and thought it was more useful than the NSA 2.0 video. Once again, Manzella does a beautiful job of explaining things in a simple and easy manner while still being precise. Furthermore, the web version is only $9.99, which is another steal in Manzella's video library.


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