Friday, July 24, 2015

Modern Chipping Technique w/Mario Bevilacqua and Jeff Smith

Here's a video from golf instructors, Mario Bevilacqua and Jeff Smith, discussing the modern chipping technique.


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Anonymous said...

That looks just like my technique, which I've learnt from, wait for it, the infamous "Truth About Golf" video set. In the his short game video AJ Bonar advocates a putting motion using mid and short irons, with the club head staying low to the ground and the shaft raised up more than the standard angle, just like what's shown here in this video. I really love the technique and my chipping became the most reliable part of my game after learning it.

Ironically what Bonar tried to sell as the "truth" didn't help me at all and I quickly tried to forget everything about golf swing I learnt from those videos. However the short game video was unexpectedly valuable. Even without practice I can chip at least decently enough and I found it to be extremely reliable compared to standard technique.