Friday, July 17, 2015

Hitting Your Irons Straight and Long with Monte Scheinblum

Here's an interesting video from Brandon DeVore with golf instructor Monte Scheinblum.

What I really like about this video is it addresses two large issues golfers have. 

1.  Getting forward shaft lean by shifting the torso and head forward instead of getting the *arms* and the hands more forward.

2.  The more I learn about the swing and improve, I find that often times the way to do something is with the 'intent' of doing almost the exact opposite.  The swing, putting and chipping can be really backwards and that's what makes it so're trying to logically accomplish something and the trick is to do the opposite way of how you think. 

I also like the discussion of (and originally quoted from Dan Carraher) 'speed up what is slow instead of slow down what is fast.'

I think that is why the Tour Tempo tends to work (, it forces the golfer to speed up what is slow instead of the golfer thinking that because they are struggling, they need to slow everything down.



Unknown said...

It's quite an enlightening article. Learn a lot from you. Many thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this.


How does that fit in when the spine is the engine according to K.M.

Most am's have none to little rotation in the lower half and do just that all arms and hands faster then pivot. Isn't that against K.M'S SPINE ENGINE THEORY? So if the spine engine is slow you speed up the arms to make the engine go faster...LMAO!!!


Unknown said...

Whew ^. I wish I had this much free time on my hands. I think if you want an active discussion, you should be more courteous with your tone. the one thing I always appreciate about this blog is I can learn without sinking into the 15 year old "this guy doesn't know WTF he is talking abt" type of rhetoric. You seem to know something, act like it.