Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week In Review 1.6.13

This week I discuss the release of the e-book 2012 Pro Golf Synopsis; The Moneyball Approach to the Game of Golf. This book is available on the blog for only $10 (upper right hand corner of the blog).

I discuss the numbers behind a golfer's bag setup and what factors come in play (from a numbers perspective) as to whether a golfer should bag an extra hybrid/long iron versus carrying 4-wedges.

How standard deviation, frequency and ability to advance the ball play a role in this matter as well as the different decisions based on the golfer's handicap, from the PGA Tour player to the 25 handicap.

I also discuss whether a golfer using a 3-wedge system should consider a gap wedge or lob wedge based on their handicap.


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