Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Pro Golf Synopsis E-Book

2012 Pro Golf Synopsis, the Moneyball Approach to the Game of Game and the 2012 Golf Season is available for purchase.  It is an e-book in .pdf format and costs $10.  Please go to the link below to order your copy today.


Below are the table of contents.  The book is 284 pages long and deals with the real numbers behind the game and how it applies to different golfers of different skill levels and abilities.  It also has a statistical overview of each of the 191 players who qualified statistically on the PGA Tour last season including players like Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson. 

If you have any question or problems, feel free to e-mail me at Richie3Jack@yahoo.com



Statistical Index

Flaws in Traditional Golf Metrics

Statistical Truths

CHAPTER 1 – Metrics Based Golf Strategy

Using Advanced Metrics For Your Game

Tee Shot Strategies

Effective Tee Shot Strategies

Understanding Zone Play

Driving Effectiveness

Short Game Play


CHAPTER 2 – Player Summaries

2012 PGA Tour Players Metrics Analysis

CHAPTER 3 – Essays

Introducing the G.I.R.O. Score

A Better Way to Yardage Gapping

The Long Game’s The Thing? Yup…and Nope

The Real Moving Day On Tour

Pros Versus Amateurs; What Matters the Most?

The Change In the Game On Tour

The Power of Being Average

CHAPTER 4 – 2012 PGA Tour Statistical Index

Purse Size per Event Rankings

Strength of Fields Played In Rankings

Adjusted Par-3 Scoring Average Rankings

Adjusted Par-4 Scoring Average Rankings

Adjusted Par-5 Scoring Average Rankings

Driving Effectiveness Rankings

Shots from the Rough Rankings

Shots from the Fairway/Tee Box Rankings

Birdie Zone Play Rankings

Safe Zone Play Rankings

Danger Zone Play Rankings

225-275 Yards Zone Play Rankings

Short Game Play Rankings

Putts Gained Rankings

2012 3Jack Golf Tournament Picks, Odds and Results


Ronnie Martin said...

Amazing work Rich. Just a question, I have played Yahoo fantasy golf the last 6 years, where they put the players into 3 groups A, B, and C. You pick 2, 4, and 2, and start 1, 2, and 1. What metrics from your work would I use to get the best out if my line up. Also, you can only start a player ten times and them he's done.

Rich H. said...

Thanks, Ronnie.

It depends on the league setup. If they go by yearly earnings, I would recommend looking at players good in Adjusted Scoring Average and that play in a lot of events like Brendon de Jonge. I would favor somebody like that over a Retief Goosen who doesn't play in a lot of tournaments and you need to him to do well. But still, guys like Rory McIlroy, Tiger, etc. are still players you need to pick.

I would also look at players with big discrepancys in their Avg. Purse Size per Event versus Strength of Fields Played In. Guys who played in stronger fields but smaller purse size events AND performed well will likely improve because they will get into bigger purse events and they could perform well against stronger fields. In the opposite case Webb Simpson, I would be a bit sketchy.

Also, look at who is in the top-70 of the Money List. Those players get exemptions into the big purse Invitationals like the Memorial, Bay Hill, etc. I would check the main stats like DZ, Driving, Putts Gained and Short Game play. Somebody who finishes in in the top-100 in all of those categories and was inside the top-70 on the Money List may have more value than somebody who has a 'sexier' name like a Sean O'Hair, but struggled is some of those areas and was not in the top-70 in the Money List.

Hope that helps.


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