Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DeFrancesco on Sevam1's Swing

Here is a video from Wayne DeFrancesco analyzing Mike Maves (aka Sevam1’s) swing. While I think the video is interesting, I think that DeFrancesco may have missed the point that Maves has made about his swing from Day 1, he calls it a combination of Ben Hogan and Moe Norman’s swing mechanics. In fact, Mike has often been referred to by the nickname ‘Moegan.’

Furthermore, in my time talking with Mike personally and reading his work, he does not really shoot down golf instructors work as ‘being too complicated.’ He has shot down some common theories like the ‘flat spine’ and the ‘chin up’ at address. However, he’s been very complimentary of other teachers as well. I know he has taken a keen interest towards TGM and other swing philosophies because he has been very complimentary about them and inquired about them in our conversations.

Now, he has acted like Hogan’s ‘5 Lessons: Modern Fundamentals of Golf’ book is the gospel. And he has been critical of some instructors and some instructors being too complicated. However, I do not see him pigeonholing all golf instructors that do not follow his theories as being that way. More often than not, I cannot say that for other instructors who talk about golf instructors who do not subscribe to the same theories.

Either way, I still think the comparisons and contrasts between the Hogan and Maves’ swing is interesting. But, I think some of the peripheral thoughts about Mike as a person and what he says are often misinformed hyperbole.


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