Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Pro Golf Synopsis Update

Just an update on 2012 Pro Golf Synopsis e-book. 

I am working diligently on PGS every day. Currently, I'm trying to finish up on the player-by-player Tour analysis. That should take me thru weekend to finish. Each player on Tour will have their own page. 191 players qualified statistically. Soooooo...that's 191 pages in just Tour player analysis alone. And you would be surprised what I can find to write about Tom Pernice's game, much less Rory McIlroy's.

After that, I will put the finishing touches on the rest of the book. Most of that has been written for a while now. Then some editing and some revision. The plan is to get the e-book finished by December 31st. Hopefully, no later than January 6th as that is when the Hyundai Tournament of Champions starts.

I am pretty sure I will put it up on an e-junkie.com Web site for sale. That's what the SITD crew uses for their work. Until then, I will be doing less blog posts as I work to finish up 2012 PGS.


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