Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Underrated PGA Tour Golf Swings - Part II

Here's a look at Kevin Stadler's metrics from this year:

Advanced Total Driving Ranking: 52nd

Birdie Zone Ranking: 54th
Safe Zone Ranking: 26th
Danger Zone Ranking: 8th

Overall Zone Ranking: 7th
Total Ballstriking Ranking: 18th

Clubhead speed: 112.3 mph
Launch Angle: 11.7* (41st highest)
Spin Rate: 2,758 rpm (119th lowest)
Driving Distance Efficiency Ranking: 73rd

Similar to Jim Furyk, Stadler gets very upright in the backswing and then manages to flatten out the shaft tremendously in the downswing. I think Trackman and clubfitters would say that Stadler's driver is close to optimally fitting his swing becasue he's not generating too much or too little spin and the launch angle is not ridiculously high.


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