Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Underrated PGA Tour Golf Swings - Part I

For this week, I will be doing a 5 part series on 'Underrated Golf Swings on the PGA Tour.'

First, what makes a 'underrated golf swing?'

I believe that results matter. So, a golfer may have a very nice looking swing or something that appears mechanically sound, but if their results are poor, then it's not really a great swing. Stuart Appelby and Trevor Immelman are great examples of nice looking swings and 'name' players whose results do not match up with their swing cosmetics.

Anyway, one of the first players I discovered from the research in my e-book is Shane Bertsch.

Here's a look at Bertsch's stats:

Advanced Total Driving: 97th

Birdie Zone Ranking: 6th
Safe Zone Ranking: 6th
Danger Zone Ranking: 44th

Overall Zone Play: 3rd
Total Ballstriking: 26th

Clubhead speed: 107.9 mph
Launch Angle: 11.05*
Spin Rate: 2,284 rpm (3rd lowest)
Max Height: 67.3 feet (lowest on Tour)

Here's a couple of videos of his swing. I think from a body pivot perspective, his swing is exceptional.


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Unknown said...

ive always liked his upperbody rotation through the shot, reminds me a bit of allenby, only not quite as good. Great swing though