Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tiger Woods Dubai Swings

Some Tiger Woods swings from Dubai



Kevin Duffy said...

His swing clearly isnt working at the minute but i really like it. I feel his head just moves a lot during the swing and i dont like the way his head moves slightly upwards as he hits the ball. But great swing!

eagolfpro said...

There is a biomechanical feature that I call postural release and it has 3 options, Standup, PostUp and RotateIn. Tiger Owns the PostUp option, as does Annika and about 33% of the golfing population. These golfers deliver the stroke at an angle that requires the torso to release upward after the left leg has posted and that action makes room for the release. Though Tiger is criticized for that action, he has always used it and played great with it throughout his whole career. Even in College and through his Tiger Slam. With all the golf information out there we are often brainwashed to believe the head must remain stationary or at least rotate in posture. However the fact is less than 33% of the golf population can do it. Only Golfers that have what I call the Under Swing Path biomechanical feature can do it. And they will only do it if they employ either a Hitting or Swinging technnique. If they employ a Throwing Technique it is likely the head will move.

EA Tischler