Saturday, February 12, 2011

FlightScope X2

Friend of the blog, John Graham ( and his demo of the new FlightScope X2 product at the PGA Merchandise Show.

The previous FlightScope products had claimed to be just as accurate as Trackman. However, their numbers for clubhead data...particularly the attack angle, did not quite represent this.

In particular, FlightScope had issues with showing a positive attack angle number on shot hit with an iron, even if they clearly took a divot.

However, as this video shows, the X2 does not have that problem. We'll be waiting to get a side-by-side from a reputable person like John, but this is exciting news as FlightScope X2 costs about 1/3rd the price of Trackman.

I'll try to keep you updated on this.



Anonymous said...

Trackman is 23 and Flightscope is 11 grand - both top of the line models

John Graham said...


We finally have a trackman in Rochester so hopefully I will be able to my own side by side test sometime in the future.

One thing I'd also like to see is a side by side of both 2 trackman machines and 2 x2's.

I'll keep everyone posted on what I find.