Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Most Underrated Ballstriker

For my money, that belongs to European Tour player Steven O'Hara.

Take a look at this action.

If you combine total driving + GIR rank, O'Hara finished first on the Euro Tour...and it's easy to see why.



Anonymous said...

Second in GIR last year behind a certain Ian Poulter, a player whose ball striking ironically Richie you don't rate I believe! ;-)

Rich H. said...

Yeah, I saw that. When I watch Poulter play stateside and I've watched him live as well, his ballstriking is more in line with my statistical rankings, which is mediocre. Poulter is very inconsistent, hitting some mediocre shots and then hitting an amazing shot.

I wonder if it's easier to put up those stats on the Euro Tour than it is on the PGA Tour. I still like O'Hara's action far better than Poulter's.