Sunday, January 30, 2011

PGA Merchandise Show Pics

Here are the Enlow grips. As you can see, they are huge, dwarfing the clubshaft.

Some of the new Edel Wedges. They have some crazy grinds available.

Karakal grips. Again, a very good feeling grip at an affordable price.

The Bushnell hybrid. I stuck the 1600 Rangefinder behind it to show a comparison of just how much smaller the hybrid is.

Here are the Scratch Golf 'Flatbacks.' These are the irons that you can create pretty much any design you want. They can be more expensive than the Tour Department irons.

A look down at the Scratch Golf SB-1 irons. Beautiful looking blade.

One of the Bettinardi models. This model has that diamond/pixel looking insert along with some grooves. Great looking and feeling putter.

Oban Shafts.

New Graphite Design Shafts.

New Axis 1 putter

New Foresight Sports launch monitor. As you can see, this is about the size of those old casette tape players.

Puma tent on Demo Day. Place was blaring music and had a DJ with turn tables. Puma has some really nice stuff, but they need to get a 10.5" staff bag.

Demo Day. I took a shot of the people on the opposite side of me. As you can see it is packed to the gills with Exhibitors and golfers. And it is that way the entire way around the OCN range.


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