Saturday, December 4, 2010

$135 to Make Real Changes In Your Game

I'm pleased to post that 2 great videos have come out to help golfers with their game. Even better, one is with regards to the golf swing and the other is with regards to putting.

First up, Brian Manzella's taping of his Anti-Summit is available for $100

Here's a link to a video of a clip of the Anti-Summit

I'm sure there will be some that question the price of the video. However, given the expenses involved and that those attending paid $250 (which didn't include travel expenses), the only reasonable way to make this available for video was to charge $100 to cover expenses incurred by Brian and to not slight attendees.

I look forward to this video as a way to expanding my knowledge and understanding of the golf swing.

The next video is 'The Reality of Putting' by Geoff Mangum and Steve Elkington for $35.

I plan on purchasing them in the next week or so and giving a brief review.

Brian's 'Anti-Summit' video can be purchased at

The Mangum and Elkington 'The Reality of Putting' video can be purchased at


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Anonymous said...

Hi Richie,great blog. I was wondering if you will be posing a review of the Manzella video anytime soon. Thanks