Saturday, May 22, 2010

Swing Update 5.21.10

I've been getting request to see updates of my swing (which surprises me), so here are a couple of swings I videoed today.

Still a problem with the secondary axis tilt, but the path and clubface are much better than they were earlier in the year and the footwork is much better. Although my path is probably too far out to the right, causing some of the secondary axis tilt issues.

Also, much more right arm at impact and the club exits in a far better position.

I've been struggling a tad lately, hopefully Module 3 of ABS will get some of the secondary axis tilt issues corrected.



Right Wing Political Junkie said...

I see the S&T force is still very strong with you.

IMO, here are the changes I would make.

1) Back away from the ball and get your weight more centered over the arches of your feet.

2) Start with some tilt away from the target. That also means adding some weight to that back foot.

3) Take the club back with your left shoulder.

4) MORE HIPS to start the forward swing. I want to see part of your left butt cheek by the time you get to impact. Right now its all arms and all from the inside.

5) Play around with where your right foot is. Right now it's back away from the target line which allows for the inside path. It might be giving you the hooks too though.

Right Wing Political Junkie said...

Also wanted to mention I put up an analysis on