Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3Jack's Interview With Gotham Golf Blog

Here's an interview I did with NYC Lagster over at his Gotham Golf Blog

A few things:

1. I'm not a good interview. Too slow to talk because I usually have about a million different ways I want to answer a question. Lot's of 'uhhh's and ummm's' and re-listening to it again put me to sleep after awhile. Ralph is great, I'm just mediocre.

2. One of the things I wanted to discuss about Tom Tomasello was I really had no clue who he was until about a year ago when I started reading about TGM and Lynn Blake's forum. I just thought he was a teacher who knew TGM and that's why my buddy was more gung ho about him than your regular pop instructor.

3. Unfortuntely there were a lot of people I wanted to thank that I just couldn't think of (I currently have a sinus infection and I'm not my usual self). Jeff Mann, Kevin Carter, Dana Dahlquist, Dan Carraher, Kevin Shields, Jim Kobylinski, Geoff Mangum and many others. I'd also like to thank the readers as they've helped me learn a lot about the game...I truly mean that.



NYC Lagster said...

Rich you did a great job. I left the ums an ahs in there, because it was more of an informal Golf Chat. Everybody who's heard it,loves it.
Thanks Again.


Anonymous said...

Great interview.

Paul said...

Good interview guys, I like the informal style. And remember, the bag doesn't know about your sinuses ;)

Rich H. said...

Thanks guys. I took quite a few public speaking courses in college and had some really good professors who taught it and they were very strict on not using 'ums' and 'uhs', so that has been drilled into my brain and I take some pride in that. Glad people liked the interview.