Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tennis & Golf

Not too odd to learn that Homer Kelley loved tennis and was into tennis before he got into golf.

Here's a couple of videos that show some relation of tennis to golf. Here's one showing the right forearm flying wedge being used in the forehand stroke of Nicolay Davydenko

Now, here's a video of Roger Federer's forehand.

Strong shots with a short backswing using a powerful pivot and using ground forces to create that powerful pivot? Sounds familiar to me.



Dan. said...


Great post. Lynn Blake needs to see this. I love his material, but in Alignment Golf, he says that tennis players flip their wrist through impact. The video you posted shows that the top tennis players maintain the flying wedge too! Great insight. Reinforces the need to correctly maintain a bent right wrist through impact ... in my golf swing. Thanks.


John Graham said...

I love the way FEDERER float loads the racket. All stick and ball sports work the same way.

Rich H. said...

Federer looks like he float loads.

Paul said...

Just found this article,

As a huge tennis player myself, I can say that "Dan" is spot on, there is not a flip at all in the wrist through impact. The forearms and wrists ideally are rolled and rotated hard through impact, similar to the firing of the #2 and #3 PAs, and maintaining the right forearm flying wedge.