Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 6J

Part 6J will go over the last 3 sections of TGM, but mostly goes into Section 2-P.

2-P (Wristcock)

The Uncocking of the Flat Left Wrist is a Perpendicular Motion -- not a Horizontal Motion. - Homer Kelley
Perpendicular means 90*. So the left wrist uncocks on the downswing at a 90* angle to the ground. 2-P then goes over the left wrist positions.

Here are pics from Jeff Mann's Web site, showing the left wrist positions:




The left wrist can cock and uncock and also turn. When it uncocks, it's just a clubhead motion. When it turns, it's a clubface motion.

Clubhead Motion = Generating Clubhead Speed

Clubface Motion = Level of Accuracy

Wristcock shortens the radius, meaning that the 'width' of the circle in the swing will shorten when wristcock is involved. Watch golfers like Sergio Garcia who delay their wristcock in the backswing and they also have a larger radius.

However, when you uncock the left wrist on the downswing, that only extends the Primary Lever Assembly (the left arm and the clubshaft).

The left wrist will uncock in the 'swinger' procedure by Centrifigul Force. I have talked about one type of hitter procedure can see the golfer make a karate chop motion with the left hand at the ball. When that happens, centrifigul force will take over, square the clubface at impact, then close the clubface in the hinge action and create a horizontal hinge action. With the hitter procedure, the left wrist will uncock automatically when the golfer thrusts the right arm.

2-R just talks briefly about the pictures that will be used in the rest of the book. 2-S basically talks about taking the pictures in the book showing individual components of the swing and putting them together to create a 'whole picture.'

Homer does state:

Again it must be reitertated -- there is more information in this book than any golfer can use in many lifetimes. But it is not difficult to know everything in the book.
This is why I wanted to understand The Golfing Machine. I found it best for me to understand everybody's swing at some level in order to better understand my swing and create more precise alignments. Hogan is usually the standard of the golf swing and ballstriking that golfers usually wish to achieve. However, if you try to replicate his swing and don't understand The Golfing Machine you can find yourself missing key components of his Stroke and trying to replicate a swing that is something you cannot execute precisely time an time again. All the meanwhile missing out on a different style of swing that may be much better for you.

Obviously, a golfer doesn't need to know one thing about The Golfing Machine and getting into technical language may just confuse the golfer. But I believe there truly is a large 'market' for those who are best off learning TGM so they can eventually find their most optimal Stroke. And in the end, I don't think understanding TGM can hurt. It may not get the golfer to reach their golfing nirvana, but just understanding TGM will not result into regression.



Chip Putterman said...

Excellent work! Thanks.

Rich H. said...

You're welcome!

BerkeleyRican said...


i had one of the most productive practices today in awhile. Practiced hitting, and really felt club head lag pressure. It was a nice feeling because I have not been feeling the lag pressure with swing, but I was flushing the ball today, and feeling lots of lag.

Here's my question. I was practicing with a five iron, and the ball was shooting out like a bullet, straight but very low. What causes low ball flight in this case? Have you experienced this low trajectory hitting? what adjustments need to be made to get the ball high in the air.

Great series on TGM.

Rich H. said...

You're most likely hitting down more on the ball which allows you to retain a flat left wrist at impact. If you're catching it flush and hitting it too low, then I suggest simply moving the ball position more forward. But with a lot of people that struggle with flipping, when they stop flipping they start hitting the ball more like it should be struck and because they have hit it so high for so long, they think that their ball flight is too low. Also, generating more clubhead speed can help with hitting it higher, so you may just need to practice it more and really get it down so you can execute it with higher clubhead speed.

VinceC said...


Very good and helpful series of TGM descriptions. One question though. If my flat left wrist (and clubshaft, clubhead) are coming down an angled plane how can I "uncock my wrist at a 90* angle to the ground"?

BerkeleyRican said...

thanks rich. some of the pros around these parts aren't convinced of the TGM so they think I'm getting to bogged down into mechanics. but i know what i'm feeling, so it's nice to have the encouragement. i'll keep working on it.

Rich H. said...

VinceC - It says perpendicular, but the left wrist basically uncocks vertically. I will be be getting into the power accumulators soon and hope to have a video showing the wristcock.

Berkley - that's the main mistake that the people that never read TGM don't's a book about feel. They think they know what feel is and they'll claim that they are a 'feel player', but truth is they really don't understand feel.

I would basically ask the doubters do they believe feels are subjective or do they believe that one swing feel will work for everybody? If they believe the former, then that's exactly what TGM is about.

VinceC said...

Thanks Rich. The confusion was on my part. (Saying ground, my thought was 'the ground beneath my wrists where ever they were at the moment'.) Now I realize when talking perpendicular/vertical to the ground it is in reference to the inclined plane baseline.
I'm looking forward to your video on wristcock. I really liked your video on the right forearm takeaway.

Anonymous said...

Great explanation again!

Jon S.

Anonymous said...


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