Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Top 10 Suggested Myrtle Beach Golf Courses, Part II

6. The Legends Heathland Golf Course (Myrtle Beach)


Another course that's always in great condition with great service. I haven't been there in a long time, but when I left it had hands down, the best driving range I had ever been on. When I was playing as a pro, despite having free access to the range at a course I worked at, I often would go the Legends and plop down $10 to go to their range. That's how awesome it is. Legends is a 54 hole resort and the Healthland is the best of the bunch, followed by the Moorland course, and then the Parkland. All of these courses are links style, but even if you don't care for links style courses, you'll like this. If you're going to stay at a pricey resort, this is probably the best on the Strand.

7. Tidewater Golf Club and Plantation (North Myrtle Beach)

Tidewater is routinely ranked in the top 5 and deservedly so. Sometimes they've had some issues with their greens, but if the course is in decent condition it's worth it because the layout is so incredible.

8. Myrtle Beach National Golf Club - King's North Course (West Myrtle Beach)

King's North sort of runs along the lines of True Blue for me. While I didn't detest King's North like I did True Blue, I thought it was pretty overpriced and relied on a gimmicky hole. That being said, I would say 90% of the golfers I've met absolutely love the course and it's usually in terrific condition. There are also 2 other courses at Myrtle Beach National (South Course and the West Course), both of which are decent designs, but their condition sometimes leaves a little to be desired. However, I've met a few people that told me that they really stepped up the conditions at those courses recently. So you can probably get a cheap replay rate at these courses or if you want to play some moderately priced courses and ignore King's North, it may be worth a shot to try the West and South Courses.

9. Heritage Golf Club (Pawleys Island)

The Heritage Club is also owned by the Legends Group and once again, it's usually in tip top shape and with great service.

10. Long Bay Club

There's actually a plethora of great golf courses in the North Myrtle area (and those that are just inside the North Carolina border), but Long Bay is the only course I have ever played up there. That's why you won't see Barefoot Landing Fazio Course on my list or Grande Dunes or Oyster Bay, etc. Long Bay Club is a Nicklaus design that seems to get some credit, but not nearly as much as Pawleys Plantation. But personally I would play Long Bay over Pawleys Plantation every day of the week and twice on Sunday. It has four absolutely fabulous holes in #7, #10, #13 and #18 that live up to their hype. Pawleys Plantation came off to me like Nicklaus not exactly being able to decide what he wanted to do with the course. Some parts of Pawleys seemed to be like he wanted to build a championship course and then some parts more of a resort course and then he just seemed to run out of land. But at Long Bay you get the feeling that Nicklaus nailed exactly what he had in mind.


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