Tuesday, November 18, 2008

David Edel Brings the Coolness With His Edel Putters

One of the cool things I found through David Orr was the Edel Putter. Don't know what it is? Well, it's only the Rolls Royce of putters! And I really mean that it is LEGITIMATELY the Rolls Royce of putters. It's not just some huge OEM that can "custom fit" a lie angle for you and charge you $250 and say they are precision milled and are the Rolls Royce of putters.

For years I firmly believed that some putters can get people misaligned. Furthermore, I felt that some putters could get the same person aligned too far right (aka right aim bias) and other putters too far left (left aim bias) and some putters aligned perfectly. That's a big part of what the Edel putter is based upon.

Did you know that lines on a putter are usually BAD for a golfer's alignment? It's not that the lines are pointing in the wrong direction, but studies have shown that golfers who use a line to align their putter usually wind up with a left aim bias. The Edel Putters have something like 30 million different putterhead, line (they also have no line) and hosel combinations. So basically Edel putters fit the golfer by finding the right combination that makes the putter head look square to the golfer and is actually square to the target.

Even cooler is that Edel putters have (IIRC) 43 different weight and loft variations so a golfer can change them when they play different green speeds. And it's been reported that Jim Furyk has used an Edel putter.

When you get fit based on what putter combination gets you best aligned, it's then custom made (like a Rolls Royce) by David Edel himself. Of course, this all comes at a cost, from what I've heard anywhere from $300-$500. But from the sounds of it getting an Edel putter should be the last putter you will ever need, unless your eyesight changes over time and you wind up getting misaligned again.

Check out Edel putters at http://www.edelgolf.com/