Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Swing Journal 12.20.17

Here’s a couple of my most recent swings:

I’ve had some good ballstriking days. This day (Sunday) was quite poor. But, when I did make some good swings I saw quite a surge in power. On the 3rd hole at Rio Pinar (the old 12th hole), I hit a drive that went 325 yards on a day where there was no wind. And on the 18th hole (the old 9th hole), I hit a PW about 150 yards (I had 135 to the pin and flew the green).

But other than that I hit the ball lousy.

I was experimenting with a few things with my setup and I was getting more laid off at the top than usual. In this swing, I tried to feel like I was getting the shaft more vertical to prevent getting laid off:

And I was still a little laid off. Although I find that to be a perfectly acceptable position. It’s just an example of how I really had to rotate my arms counterclockwise at p2 just to get into an acceptable position.

Despite this swing video being taken on Sunday, I’ve already made some pretty big swing changes that I think are helping me do what I want to do in the swing. Essentially, I’m looking for the following:

1. A little shallower with the shaft plane at p5

2. Getting rid of the early Right Pelvic Tilt in the downswing

3. Avoid the right femur/right hip internally rotating too early in the downswing

4. Avoiding that linear push-off from the right foot and creating more of a ‘rotational pulling action’ with the left side of the lower body

5. Get rid of that downward neck tilt in the downswing.

But, I do feel the changes I’ve made are onto something as when I take a ‘good swing’ my results are better than my ‘old good swings’ as I’m hitting the ball further with a better launch direction.

My next Swing Journal post will show the changes I've made in just a short period of time, why I made those changes and how I made them so quickly.


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Buffalo Bob said...

Rich, found your post googling rate of closure...mostly old stuff. But your recent swing vids show something in common with my recent swing changes....specifically, shutting the face on takeaway. I believe this "move" has changed my release pattern/type to more "drive/hold", and it seems to work for me on both full swings and pitches. I believe that counter rotating the face early to be more shut (from square at address) physically makes it difficult to cock my wrists or fan the face open (obviously), but that maybe knowing that the face is closed compels me to be patient in transition and not pull with my left. I also feel I need to rotate my body to square the club, and I think this in total causes a more "drive/hold" release. I've put up some vids on Youtube, mostly to track these changes. But I need mention that I made what some would call on odd grip change that I believe has assisted me in finding and executing an early closing of the face. I've moved my right thumb to cover the middle and ring fingers while extending my right index down to hook the shaft. These two allow me to easily "counter curl" the face shut very early, and I can see studying vids that I'm closed going back but square coming down.

Bob Iliff