Thursday, November 30, 2017

Avoidance Drills Video by George Gankas

Here's a video from George Gankas discussing 'avoidance drills.'

As I have discussed in my Swing Journal posts, I am not a big fan of drills as a whole.  However, I feel the drills that are worth doing are ones that have the golfer take a full backswing.  I feel that the transition is such a critical part of any golf swing and there's nothing that can prepare you to execute your transition move like actually taking a full backswing.

What I like about this video is not only is there a full backswing being made, but George describing how the golfer has to avoid the object and how that often translates to learning more quickly.  I started to implement a few avoidance drills of my own and I'm starting to ingrain new movement patterns more quickly.