Sunday, October 29, 2017

Video Review: Concepts On Transition and Impact with Joe Mayo and Grant Waite

Recently, I watched the latest of a series of videos from golf instructor Joe Mayo Concepts on Transition and Impact with Grant Waite. You can purchase the video at:
Concepts On Transition and Impact with Grant Waite from Joseph Mayo on Vimeo.

A while back I did a review of Mayo's other video Understanding Torques and Forces in the Golf Swing with Dr. Sasho MacKenzie.

The Concepts on Transition and Impact expands upon Understanding Torques and Forces Forces.  Whereas Torques and Forces goes over the basics in the principles researched by Dr. Sasho MacKenzie of Net Force and Center of Mass and why the players on Tour tend to flatten their shaft instead of steepening the shaft; Concepts on Transition gives the viewer a better idea on how to execute it as well as troubleshooting issues.

Concepts on Transition and Impact gives the viewer a great look at how different Tour players are able to shallow their transition using different methods.  And then the video goes into some simple concepts on how Mayo and Waite generally advise golfers to get out of being 'too steep.'  But, it also applies to better golfers who are able to come more from the inside, but are actually 'too steep' and struggle with their driver as a result.

I have felt for a long time that Charles Howell III older swing was a good example of a player that comes from the inside, but is still too steep in transition:

The video also explains in detail how golfers like Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth are able to rotate the pelvis and torso so much in the downswing and still hit draws.  And it discusses in detail what 'getting stuck' is and why players like Dustin Johnson do not 'get stuck.'

The only negatives about the video is that they used some white tape to represent where the Center of Mass of the club is using a black graphite shafted driver and it was difficult to see that illustrated given the lighting. 

And if you wanted a better look at the subject matter it would have helped to have video of players illustrating their examples.  However, there may have been some copyright issues with trying to do that.

In all, I would still recommend getting both videos. But, in particular, it's advisable to get Understanding Torques and Forces in the Golf Swing, first.  That explains the basic principles in physics from Dr. Sasho MacKenzie.  Concepts in Transition and Impact is a little more theoretical, based on those principles from MacKenzie.  Both videos will be a tremendous help to teachers and golfers.


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