Friday, April 22, 2016

My Current WITB

Here's a look at my current WITB:

Click to Enlarge the specs sheet


The 3-wood is new. I plan on installing a new shaft, soon. I replaced my old Edel L-Wedge with a new Edel L-Wedge and I like the new Edel logo better.

The Brick was something I tried out at the PGA Tour Superstore and was immediately digging it.  I have the Edel Torque Balanced E-3 Putter (along with 2 more Edel putters).  I really like the E-3 and putt very well with it on fast greens.  But, I prefer The Brick's feel, particularly on mis-hits. 

I will be trying out the Wishon Sterling Single Length irons out in May.  From there, I will likely be changing iron shafts (the Nippon iron shafts launch too high for me) and likely be switching irons to either the Wishon Sterling set or the Srixon Z945.  I also eagerly await the Hogan VKTR Hybrids that will be coming out.  My current hybrids are 7 years old.


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