Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quintic Ball Roll Videos

Here's a video of the Quintic Ball Roll in action.  One of the things that David Orr has been discussing on his Web site, The Flatstick Academy is Smash Factor of the putter.  Whereas the technical Smash Factor limit with a regular club can only go as high as about 1.49 (ball speed / club speed = smash factor), the smash factor with the putter can range from 1.6 to 1.9 according to David and instructors like Phil Kenyon.

They are able to measure the smash factor using the Quintic Ball Roll device:

What I think is interesting about the Smash Factor part of putting is that we can now better measure what type of feel of putter head contact we prefer.  Some people may prefer the feel of a putter that has a Smash Factor of 1.6 where as others may find that too soft and prefer a Smash Factor of 1.75.  It can obviously measure so much more to help golfers understand what is the best putter for them. 

David told me that he plans on getting his own Quintic Ball Roll software, soon.  And I would imagine that he will discuss what he finds with it on his Web site which is only $10 a month with no commitment. 



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