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The Search For Flatstick Nirvana - Part V (10.6.15)

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I had taken a one week vacation and with being swamped with work coming back from vacation, I took a break from The Search for Flatstick Nirvana.

During this time I was at the PGA Tour Superstore trying some putters out while I was awaiting for them to put a new grip on.
  I tried out one particular putter and I was knocking almost everything I look at it with it.  5-footers, 25-footers, even 50-footers. I started to harken back to that day I tried out the Wilson 8802 on the practice green and was making everything with it and decided I had to buy THAT particular putter before somebody else did.  

The new putter? 

The Edel Torque Balanced E-3 model.

 I was actually introduced to the Torque Balanced putter by David Edel when he started to make the DeVincenzo series putter.
The idea is that the ‘face balanced’ putter design is not actually face balanced.  Check out this video discussing the subject.

The SeeMore putters do have toe hang to them, they just get ‘face balanced’ when you put them on plane.
  My guess is that it creates for a putter that fits well with a wider arc and more face rotation.  The Edel Torque Balanced series actually has the opposite of ‘toe hang.’  The putter actually hangs ‘toe up.’

They offer the current Torque Balanced models in one of these 3 designs:

I had only tried the mallet version (E-1) before since I felt my eye was better for the mallet version.  So, I happened to try out the E-3 version (blade) and fell in love with it.  It’s about as solid feeling of a putter as you can find. 
The Edel Torque Balanced putters can also be fit in the same way their custom style putters.  They can fit for aim as they can use one of the 3 head designs, change the sight dots and alignment lines and also offer 3 different shaft offsets.  They also have a black finish if preferred. 
When I brought the putter home and started to use it on the Pelz Putting Tutor I was not only getting it thru the gate far more often, but I went from hitting the left marble when I missed with the Anser style putter to hitting the right marble when I missed with the Edel putter.  I hit 50 putts a piece with my TaylorMade putter, my Ping B61 putter and a Edel Torque Balanced putter thru the Pelz Putting Tutor and here were the results.

Ping B61: 31 out of 50 = 62%

TaylorMade Ghost Daytona: 28 out of 50 = 56%

Edel E-3 Torque Balanced: 44 out of 50 = 88%

So, a massive improvement in launching the ball where I'm aiming which is one of the key 4 skills to putting.  

Have I found that Billy Baroo?  

Stay tuned...


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