Monday, September 28, 2015

Strategy at Whistling Straits with Steve Elkington

Here's a series of videos from Steve Elkington going over how he would play the last 3 holes at Whistling Straits:

What's great about these videos is more of the mentality of Elkington once he figures out the strategy he wants to employ.

For instance, on the 16th hole he has figured out where he wants to aim his drive and he says:

Immediately, that tells me that I don't want to go anywhere else.  That's out (points to the water on the left) and that's out (points to the waste area to the right).  I'm just going to beeline at the green bush up there to play the hole.

Elkington acknowledges the trouble, but has focused solely on the target.  And as Dr. Bhrett McCabe has said 'good focus is when you focus on one thing and nothing else matters.'  Elk has done that by saying 'I don't want to go anywhere else' then he aims and fires at the target.  This beats the golfer that is overly worried about the water, aims well right of the green bush and tries to hit a draw.  The focus is still divided in that situation and usually what happens is the golfer will miss well right.  Elkington sees where he wants to hit the ball and gives himself a good chance to hit a great tee shot.

On the 18th hole he knows his distances, about 290 yards to run out of fairway by aiming at those 3 pine trees.  He then says 'I don't really need to know much more than that on this hole.'  Elk then points to other various parts of the yardage book on the hole...but goes back to all he really needs to concern himself is with the line to the 3 pine trees because that's where he wants to be.

Elkington is one of the best drivers of the ball in the past 30 years on Tour.  And while mechanics and strategy are helpful to great driving, you still need a healthy psychological attitude and focus to drive the ball great and that's what Elk has.


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