Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Andy Patnou and Gabe Writer on Tour Tempo

Here's a great video from Andy Patnou and Gabe Writer on 'Tour Tempo' for your swing.

I've only briefly read some of the stuff on Tour Tempo.  IIRC, the concept was that the creators noticed that when you utilize a video camera and measure the swing in terms of frames on the camera you would see the best Tour players, especially when they were on top of their game, would get a 3:1 backswing to downswing ratio.  For example, in Gabe's first attempts to go at a 27:9 ratio, that means that the swing is moving at 27 frames in the backwing and 9 frames in the downswing.  Therefore, 24:8 was 24 frames backswing...8 frames downswing.  And 21:7 was 21 frames backswing, 7 frames downswing. 

Also, IIRC, they found that generally the best of the best like Tiger in 2000, Moe Norman, etc. were at 21:7 when they were on their A game (which Moe always was). 

I would have to talk to some of the movement pattern learning experts on this practice methodology.  Part of me senses that it may be somewhat internally focused (which we don't want), but it may be more externally focused than I think since instead of thinking of hitting a shot towards the target, you're thinking of what you need to do to match the rhythm of the beat. 

It also appeared to me, that initially Gabe lost some of the mechanics when he first started at 21:7, but then started to automatically regain them and actually looked the best they had looked as the video finished up.


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