Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lucas Wald Student Transformation

Here is an amazing transformation of a Lucas Wald student.

I saw Andy at Lucas' Orlando school and he was working diligently on using slow motion practice and building up into a full speed swing.  Judging by how the shaft is bending in Andy's swing on the right, I would guess that he is probably at 80% full speed.

Andy has been extremely diligent in his slow motion practice and has not used full speed.  I have more of a bastardized version on slow motion practice, but of course that will mean it will take longer for me to fully ingrain.

For example, the past 2 weeks I started working on a couple of new pieces to my swing. 

1.  Getting the right hip more back and behind me in the backswing.

2.  Getting more right shoulder external rotation and retaining that in the downswing.

I started to get this going pretty well and on Saturday for the start of Memorial Day weekend, I hit the ball very well.  Then on Sunday I started to see a noticeable dip in my swing.  Then on Monday I started reverting back to some old habits...even things that I haven't done in a while.  Essentially, the old movement patterns are still in my brain and perhaps playing 3 days in a row with no deliberate practice started to bring them out of the woodwork.

Either way, fantastic job by Lucas and Andy.  If you wish to take lessons from Lucas, you can e-mail him at


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