Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fujikura's ENSO Machine in Action

Here's a couple of videos showing the Fujikura ENSO machine in action:

Back in 2013, one of my Tour clients, Daniel Summerhays, got fitted on the ENSO machine and saw a dramatic improvement in his Driving Effectiveness off the tee. Here's a chart showing his overall ranking that year as each event passed by:


The blue plotted points are pre-ENSO fitting and the red plotted points are post-ENSO fitting. As we can see, Summerhays ranked as high as 162nd by the Byron Nelson and was 157th for the year before using the ENSO machine. By the end of the year, in just 7 events he was able to improve his ranking for the year to 108th. The following season Summerhays ranked 43rd in Driving Effectiveness, his most effective season driving the ball in his career thus far.


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