Monday, February 2, 2015

Victor Rodriguez 2015 Funding

Here is the link to the 'Pro You Know' donation page to 20-year old pro and friend, Victor Rodgriguez:

Victor made it to the world finals of the Re-Max Long Driving competition and lost after hitting a 419 yard drive.  However, he is attempting to take his game to the next level as a Tour player.

Victor generates up to 140 mph club speed, but hits the ball amazingly straight.  Having watched him this past weekend at Timacuan Golf Club, he hits world class golf shots with his irons and driver.

The funding will gain Victor more tournament experience and help hone his skills and hopefully qualify for the Tour.

He is an excellent person as well.  He works for a living and does not have any sense of entitlement.  But, every young mini-tour player needs funding to help them fulfill their dreams which is why the ProYouKnow Web site was created.

Based on my experiences in golf and working with Tour players, I believe Victor has the potential to become a legitimate PGA Tour player someday.


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