Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Wishon 919THI Driver Design

Here's a look at the newly designed Wishon 919THI driver:

Here's some notes from Tom on the driver:

· The 919 All Black as it is called is a matte finish for the black chemically impregnated finish on the sole and face. Not shiny so no glare.

· The hosel is not black because this is a bendable hosel model for changing lie and face angle +/-4* in any direction – we did not want to have the risk of potentially marring the black finish were we to have used that black finish on the hosel.

· The existing 919THI finish version still remains as it is with the satin polish face, mirror polish sole and black metallic gloss finish paint with red highlights on the head. The 919THI All Black is a second cosmetic option for those who like this appearance. No changes in any of the design performance elements of the 919THI as they have been and continue to be.

· 919THI All Black will be available in RH in the 9*, 11* and 13* lofts with hand select options for lofts from 8* to 14* and with the bendable hosel to offer any lie from 4* up to 4* flat and any face angle from 4* open to 4* closed – with all three specs of loft, lie and face angle being able to be delivered independent of each other all on the same head.


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