Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Pro Golf Synopsis E-Book Available for Sale!

The 2013 version of Pro Golf Synopsis e-book, the Moneyball Approach to Golf and the Indispensable Handbook for the 2013 Golf Season is available for sale for only $10.

You can click the 'add to cart' button on the upper right hand corner or just click this link to purchase it.

Here's the Table of Contents:


Statistical Index

Flaws in Traditional Golf Metrics      

Statistical Truths         

Metrics Based Strategy

• Tee Shot Strategy       
• Understanding Driving Effectiveness   
• Understanding Precision       
• Key Radar Metrics
Zone Play
• Birdie Zone Play        
• Safe Zone Play        
• Danger Zone Play        
• 225-275 Yard Zone Play       
• Zone Play Strategy   
Short Game Play         


Scoring Data          

• Par-4’s         
• Bogey Rate        
• Par-5’s         
• Birdie Rate        
• Par-3’s         

2013 PGA Tour Player Metrics Analysis      


• Introducing the 15/5 Score      
• Death Trap        
• The Extinction of Great Driving      
• The Phranken-Folly       

2013 PGA Tour Tournament Picks and Results     

2013 PGA Tour Statistical Rankings Index      

The book is 284 pages long and is written for all golfers of all handicaps.



Tony said...

Hi Richie looking forward to buying this sure it will be as interesting as last year's version.

Unknown said...

Just downloaded this book with the recommendation from Tony. Can't wait to have a detailed read. Upfront skimming the book, looks very informative and I'm sure there will be some food for thot!

Khee Wei

. said...

Was wondering if there is an updated edition or is this information still valid?