Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New GolfWRX Column: Numbers Behind Going For it #10 Riviera

This past weekend, we saw No. 10 at Riviera Country Club provide PGA Tour players with a dilemma as to whether to go for it on the 315-yard par-4. In my last column, I discussed the numbers on Tour behind going for par-5's in two shots and that in general, golfers are better off going for par-5's in two shots rather than laying up to a specific yardage.

However, much of the decision revolves around whether or not the golfer can get the ball inside 40 yards of the hole. If not, he would be better off laying up to a specific yardage. With No. 10 at Riviera, itfs a different situation given that it is a par-4 rather than a par-5. Initially, my thoughts were that Tour golfers would be better off going for No. 10 off the tee because there was no out-of-bounds or water in play. Here is what the final numbers through all four rounds looked like:

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