Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Fall Of Gravity AimPoint Video

Here's a video with regards to AimPoint Golf's green reading and the 'fall of gravity' of a putt.

One little note --- Many of my readers who employ AimPoint tend to e-mail me and get the concept of AimPoint incorrect.

The charts on AimPoint tell you WHERE TO AIM. They do NOT tell you how much the putt will actually break.

So if the chart tells you to aim 4-inches right of the edge of the cup, we are aiming above the apex of the break of the putt.

Think of it this way....if we have a double breaking putt...we may read the putt to have us aim directly at the hole. But the putt may break a foot to the left and then come back a foot to the right and in the cup. It's not that the putt didn't break, it's that the read told us to AIM at the cup.


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Alex Hemsky said...

Good read.

Question: What was the difference in terms of smash factor/center of face contact?

I believe that's always been Wishon's biggest argument for going to shorter shafts.