Monday, December 19, 2011

Downhill Flop Shot Over a Bunker Video

A nice video from 3Jack Golf Top 20 Putting/Short Game Instructor, Shawn Clement. If there was one thing that I liked from Hank Haney's 'The Haney Project', it was how he went over various difficult shots with each student (Barkley, Romano and Limbaugh). These are the shots that often kill good rounds and send rounds immediately into a tailspin for a golfer. You can wind up with a tricky short game shot on the 2nd hole, flub a couple into the bunker, take a 9 and pretty much ruin the rest of your day.

For more experienced and skilled golfers like myself, we have hit those difficult shots many times and have the ability to figure it out when we haven't. So, it's always good to learn these shots and if you can, practice them as well so you will be prepared if the situation occurs.

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Denny said...

Nice shot, Shawn. Skipping under the ball key to hitting this ball into the air and landing it soft. Opening the club for a flop is the goal, just need to hit close and the softer (fluffier) the lie the better.