Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It was very saddening to hear that Seve Ballesteros passed away this past weekend. To me, Seve WAS ‘80’s Golf.’ He had that aura about him of the ‘every girl wants him, every guy wants to be him’ type of vibe, much like Fred Couples has. But Freddie is more of the laid back, ‘natural’ type whereas Seve was this fiery, brilliant artistic type…in a game that tend to try and suppress brilliance and artistry.

A friend of mine who used to play football at Florida State was talking to me about a round he recently had at a tournament. He said that the really different part for him with golf is that it’s at its most fun for him when it is ‘boring.’ Meaning, it’s a blast when you can just hit drives in the fairway, approach shots on the green, and make the putt for birdie. Nothing too enthralling about watching that, but it’s what golfers aspire to achieve.

While I agree with him, as I was watching some old video on Seve, I couldn’t help but think of the times when I’ve had those crazy, tough shots that require you to manipulate the ball around a tree and you pull it off and just how exhilarating that feels when you do it right.

As golfers, we aspire to be almost robotic. But Seve seemed happiest flying by the seat of his pants and being alive.

Like Magic Johnson once said, ‘there will never be another Larry Bird’…there will never be another Seve Ballesteros.


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Neil said...

Thankyou for that tribute. Seve was the reason I started playing golf.