Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tomasello Down Under

My entrance into the world of The Golfing Machine actually indirectly started with Tom Tomasello. When I got into college I became more interested in the golf swing. I had a friend who was a pretty good mini-tour player who had the same curiousity I had about the golf swing. He is about six years my senior, but he was interested in the development of my game as we grew up together from the same hometown.

When I got to school at Coastal Carolina University, which is located just outside Myrtle Beach, he told me that there was a golf instructor down at the old Deer Track golf club (doesn't exist anymore) named Tom Tomasello who not only could really play, but really knew a lot about the golf swing as he worked with this teaching philosophy called 'The Golfing Machine.'

Of course, I had zero clue as to what my friend was talking about, but he said that if you could learn from Mr. Tomasello, you could really learn the golf swing and start to play some excellent golf. That pretty much bought me...hook, line and sinker.

I made it down to Deer Track and saw the teaching facility, but there was no mention of Tom Tomasello. Eventually in January of '97, my friend came down with his family to visit and told me that Mr. Tomasello had recently passed away, but his instructors Chuck Wike and Ted Frick were still there and they could teach The Golfing Machine.

Anyway, here's a collection of videos presented by 3Jack Top 50 instructor, John Furze (, of Tom Tomasello in Austalia.


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