Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Shoes...

Recently I purchased some Asics Gel TourLyte golf shoes.

I was looking for some new shoes and recently I had decided that I wanted to get some metal spikes.

Yes, those metal spikes.

The spikes on these shoes actually didn't come with the shoe. I had to change the soft spikes out with these ceramic golf spikes that I purchased at

I also wanted to try out some of the Champ Pro Stinger spikes.

The Champ Pro Stinger is actually a metal spike in the middle.

Here's a pic showing the difference between the soft spike (left), the Pro Stinger (middle) and ceramic steel spike (right).

It's probably been 15 years since I've played with metal spikes. Living in Florida now, since the greens are usually a thick bermuda and there is a lot of vacationers, many courses have what's called 'soft spikes preferred' rules. Which means they would prefer you use soft spikes, but it's not mandatory.

Personally, I feel it's a bit unfair that the PGA Tour golfers get to use metal spikes and many times amateurs cannot. Furthermore, I believe that soft spikes make little difference because golfers still don't realize that they need to pick up their feet when they walk on the green and not twist and turn their feet while on the putting green.

One of my favorite courses to play is Eagle Watch Golf Club in Woodstock, GA. They put in Championship Bermuda on their greens in 2010 and the last time I played there the greens were chewed up by reckless golfers not picking up their feet that it was worse than any green I ever saw during the metal spikes days.

Anyway, you will notice a difference with the ceramic steel and the Pro Stinger spikes. On a dry day, not so much. But if it's a little humid or if it's a bit wet, it's a giant difference.

The Pro Stinger and the Ceramic spikes perform about the same. From my experience, it's always been tougher to remove the plastic/rubber spikes than metal spikes.

Overall, a good purchase. Just watch out when you're walking on tile



Paul said...

Soft-spike preferred? Is this a new development? Everywhere I go here in the Midwest is soft spikes. Click- clacks strictly verboten. I've been looking at those spikes w/the steel shaft in the middle. Don't know if I can get away w/them up here...

Rich H. said...

when soft spikes first came out, I know up in NY they would have some courses called 'soft spikes preferred.' So that term has been around for awhile. I think down in FLA, it's not a big issue since we have bermuda greens. I just believe that it really doesn't matter. Good players won't drag their feet or twist their feet on the green. Hackers will.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where my nursing shoes went.

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