Monday, November 29, 2010

Haney Tiger vs. Foley Tiger




CS said...

That is interesting, and I am sure that he is much more centered under Foley, but could the camera angle be slightly misleading? He is definitely set up open on the bottom picture, and is it just me or does the top picture look slightly slanted towards the left.

Rich H. said...

I'm certain that the cameras are in different positions and that makes things look slightly different, but not as much as the differences between the swings that is showing here.


Matt D said...

Such a big change. IMO, Tiger wil be winless in 2011 and will look to go back to a more "traditional" swing.

If you've got a ferrari you dont try to change the engine - I just cant understand how tiger got talked into such a big overhaul.

I think S&T looks ugly I've never tried it tho', but my game has been pretty good since finding a TGM instructor to work with.

Anonymous said...

Guarantee 2 majors and 6-8 total victories with the new move. Tiger's swing was far from great under Haney and if you watch any TV it wasn't going anywhere fast under HH. He still has the guts of a Ferrari, he now will just be taking off the monster truck tires Hank gave him and putting on some fresh Pirellis.

Matt D said...

@ anonymous,

is that you Sean?????

Anonymous said...

He will win if his putting speed is better. I saw him hit it in person yesterday at the chevron. His start line is more online and was killing it. That's all he needs. If I was being real hard on the swing I'd say he needs to have more side tilt and understand how the legs work. The right shoulder was a touch high at impact. But. It's. Good. So Sean has done a good job thus far.

Dana Dahlquist.

Matt D said...

@Dana, I wasnt in Melbourne when Tiger was out here a few weeks back, so dont have the benefit of having seen it in its full glory up close and personal. I'll cede my point given that you've seen it in action.

You're dead right about the putting though. most weeks the guy who putts best wins.

I hope TW does get back to the top. he's great for the game.