Friday, April 30, 2010

Vertical Swing Plane Video w/Brian Manzella

Brian Manzella talking about vertical swing plane (the downswing plane you swing on) and getting 'under plane.'



Mike Hollister said...

So he would advocate skipping the 4:30 line altogether b/c that would get you under plane.... right? This guy and Lag Erickson would disagree on this.

Rich H. said...


I disagree with this assertion though. I think if you 'swing left' enough, you really can't get underplane. However, I see Brian's point and that swinging really left is not easy to do

fearlessgolfer said...

One of the local PGA Class A pro used to play mini-tour until back problem, and he is strong believer of swinging left. He got me to swing left for while, but it's not easy or possible from flat. The clubhandle would almost brush the left thigh yet to keep the face square hit this high strong fades, but there is definitely slight re-rotation during DS.
As far as BM's reverse tumble, Hank Haney's camp teaches it. They get you to go up wide and as you move forward, they want this 're-rotation' to bring the clubface squarer into P6 position. If weight doesn't move, you can pull hook the day lights out of it.