Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Hogan Lag Illusion

Here's a great video from Sevam1 talking about the 'illusion' of Hogan's lag. (sorry, can't embed the video for some reason)



fearlessgolfer said...

Richie, I saw most of Sevam's videos via youtube. However, you said something that is very odd-ish while back during your conversation with him. He told you that he is actually trying to get rid of that angle(lag) which we are trying to hold on to? Plus, Scheinblum's videos on 'fake lag' vs. 'real lag.' There he trys to explain he is trying to get rid of that 'lag' we are seeking to keep.
Once on the Golf Channel, a teaching pro named Bill Adams did an hour show with Peter Kesler. He also was trying to teach to 'cast like feel'and not to hold on to the lag.
Can YOU, once and for all, find out what is the real deal here about the LAG and it's mystic?



Rich H. said...

Lag certainly exists in the swing. I think Scheinblum doesn't really get it right by claiming having a lot of lag is a bad thing. It's not.

I think having a lot of shaft lean at *impact* is usually a bad thing. Some shaft lean is good but lots of it is like Scheinblum says about lag, it's like playing with fire.

Lots of shaft lean means the golfer has a steeper attack angle. This actually moves the path out to the right which creates a hook spin unless you really release the club to the left.

Trevino had a lot of shaft lean and used to hit a hook before he became famous. So he had to aim dead left so he could release the club left and thus square up the path.

Also, the more the shaft leans at impact, the clubface opens up at impact. That's why a lot of golfers with shaft lean struggle with snap hooks. Their path goes out to the right quite a bit and if they manage to have just a slightly closed clubface, they'll lose the shot left.

I think Sevam1 is trying to get golfers to avoid thinking about creating those dramatic angles and showing some of the illusion that they create. Certainly Hogan had a ton of lag, but he didn't have a ton of shaft lean at impact. Big reason why he hit the ball great.