Monday, March 15, 2010

Cut Shot Therapy

Here, Chuck Evans explains TGM's 'cut shot therapy drill.'



Anonymous said...

The purpose of the drill? To eliminate cutting across the ball and an outside-inside swing? With an inside - out swing and a square clubface at impact the ball will start at the target and turn left, correct? And with a big in-to-out swing we could get a nice hook!

12Hit said...

Nice find Rich! I can't differentiate between the horizon hinge and swing 'in' after impact motions. Would be interesting to hear what your thought on this?

Rich H. said...

Horizontal hinge should happen naturally. Angled hinge is more of a 'hanging on' approach to hinging the club.

TGM says:

Angled = no roll

Horizontal = full roll

Vertical = reverse roll

12Hit said...

Thanks Rich for the reply. I tried to employ the angled hinge from my pushing left forearm for driving, but 30% of the time they went straight right (I am a lefty)! Still couldn't figure out why.